The CREA-DOOR frameless all-glass door is a unique glass door fitting for linearly held all-glass railings.This refined glass-hinged fitting impresses with its striking elegance, modern design and superior quality.This innovation is CREA’s standard product in the field of glass door fittings Glass railing on, because there is nowhere.

The fitting for the glass railing door consists of a glass door hinge, lock case with mortise lock, handle set and lock box. Only the cylinder is made by the customer. DIN left or DIN right freely selectable.

The safety features, which are adjusted to CREA standards, also remain with this unique glass door fitting and are statically tested. Safety is the highest consideration. Replacement or maintenance is possible at any time. The exquisite appearance combined with effortless simplicity make CREA’s all-glass glazed door, for both the planner and exporter, the PREMIUM BRAND of tomorrow’s glass railing systems.

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